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Electrical Repair & troubleshooting in Garner, Knightdale, and surrounding Raleigh, NC area

Are your lights flickering, light switches malfunctioning or fans not working? You're likely dealing with an electrical problem. Turn to West Electrical Installers, LLC first for electrical troubleshooting and repair services.

Call 910-447-8447 today to schedule electrical repairs at your Garner, Knightdale, or surrounding Raleigh, NC home. You can count on us to respond within 24 hours.

electrical repairs in knightdale, garner, and raleigh, nc

5 signs you need electrical repairs fast

If you're like many Garner & Knightdale, NC homeowners, you work hard to keep your home in excellent condition. However, even the most diligent homeowner can't avoid the most common electrical problems.

It's time to call an electrician if:

  1. Your outlets are dead or loose
  2. Your lights flicker or dim frequently
  3. Your electrical bills are increasing but your rates aren't going up
  4. Your circuit breaker keeps tripping and won't reset
  5. You notice a burning smell or scorch marks around your fixtures


These warning signs point to major electrical problems in your home. We can address these issues quickly through electrical troubleshooting. Contact West Electrical Installers today to schedule an appointment for electrical repairs  Garner NC,  Knightdale, NC or the surrounding Raleigh, NC areas.